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An exclusive connection to unique products that you may have enjoyed somewhere in your life!


Who We Are

Started as a thought and later found that the team has been doing this without knowing that they were doing it. We have a team of buyers and sellers, all very eager to showcase their products or "Finds" .

From that old hot wheel that you may haved played with when you were 6, or a baseball card that you had when you were 16! Our buyers are buying daily depending on the demand of the site . We all look to buy the highest quality pieces possible.

To make this happen, we provide them with all the tools to buy their next treasure. We travel around, visiting estate sales, auctions, flea markets, and one on one with people who want to sell their piece/treasure or their entire collection.

How We Work

We opted for a direct-to-buyer distribution model focused on unique items and custom services. All with honest pricing, great products, and a great understanding of customer service and satisfaction.

Shop now our core collection of timeless treasures that we truly love. Our core collection of treasures is rarely available, but we have found these items and they are ready to be part of your collection, set on your desk, or be purchased for the memory or future memory for you or your family. If you find anything not in stock, and you an interest please email our inquire team @ inquiries@chasingliberyusa.com and we will let our buyers know to keep an eye for your treasure.

We would like to thank you for visiting our site, and please look around, sign-up, and if you find a treasure that you would love to add to your collection please buy immediately as most items are 1 of 1 and may not be found again.

Thank You,

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Chasing LIberty LLC